Immigration Bonds

Under current immigration law, more and more people placed in removal or deportation proceedings will be detained by the United States Office for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  While some immigration detainees will be eligible for a bond, an increasing number of detainees will not be eligible for a bond and will be required to remain in custody until their case is resolved.  In addition, as more immigration detention facilities are built, ICE will be able to exercise its discretion and detain even greater numbers of foreign nationals.  Being detained by ICE is something to avoid at all costs for the following reasons:


  • For most people, it will be the first time they are jailed.

  • The detention can last months or years depending on factors such as bond eligibility, the progress of the case, administrative delays, and appeals.

  • Persons who are detained are more likely to waive potential relief from removal or deportation and agree to be deported.

  • Persons who are detained have limited access to their immigration attorneys and their families.

  • Persons in detention are often detained in facilities in remote parts of the United States far from their loved ones and their immigration attorneys.

  • Non-criminal detainees are often mixed with criminal detainees.


 At Perez and Associates we put our years of experience to work for our detained clients by


  • Determining if a client is legally subject to detention.

  • Determining if a client is legally subject to mandatory detention.

  • Negotiating discretionary releases and low bonds with ICE.

  • Arguing bond motions before Immigration Judges.

  • Making sure immigration processes are completed as soon as possible to minimize detention times.

  • Eliminating criminal convictions and other factors that may have lead to removal or deportation proceedings or which may have triggered mandatory detention.

  • If you or someone you know is detained or about to be detained, the sooner you retain experienced immigration counsel the greater the possibility of avoiding detention, removal, or deportation.


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