Case e-Valuations

What is a Case e-Valuation?

A Case e-Valuation is a detailed, written analysis of your immigration case.  Your Case e-Valuation will include an evaluation of your current immigration situation, an explanation of any immigration benefits available to you, an explanation of any benefits you might be entitled to in the future as the result of the passage of time or new immigration laws, a recommended immigration strategy, and an estimate of the legal fees and costs required.  Most cases will be evaluated within five business days of receiving your request with payment.


How much does a Case e-Valuation cost?

A Case e-Valuation costs $300 regardless of the complexity of your case or the number of documents we have to review to render the evaluation.


What are the benefits of a Case e-Valuation?

The following are just some of the benefits of a Case e-Valuation:

It’s Confidential: No one has to know you have contacted an attorney.

It’s Convenient: You need not leave the comfort of your home.

It’s In Writing: If you visit an attorney’s office you will receive valuable information, but given the complexity of immigration laws, you may not remember it all after you get home.  With a Case e-Valuation you will have a written analysis of your case and of your options that you can refer to at any time.

It’s a Credit: The cost of your Case e-Valuation will be deducted from the cost of any legal work done on your behalf.


Submitting your information for a Case e-Valuation

The more information you provide about your situation the more accurate and thorough the Case e-Valuation will be.  Because any information you provide is protected by the attorney/client privilege you should feel comfortable disclosing all details that are relevant to your case.  In addition to the written explanation you will provide on the application form, you should provide us with copies of all documents relevant to your case.


It is important that you provide all of your information at the same time.  If we are required to reevaluate your case because you submit additional information or documents after the original submission additional fees will be required.  The exception to this is where you need to submit copies of documents separately.  You will have an opportunity to designate this on your application and we will wait for the receipt of all your documents to begin evaluating your case.




A word about documents

Copies of documents are acceptable.  Documents may be faxed, scanned and E-mailed, mailed by regular mail or courier, or dropped off.  Any document not in English must be accompanied by a complete translation.

Documents required would include all immigration documents and any documents associated with criminal arrests.  Documents may be provided to us by scanning them and attaching them to an E-mail or by fax.


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